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Can I sync Sent items across all devices?



My first time posting here, so I hope I've posted in the right place and that I've provided all necessary info!


I have my GoDaddy Workspace email set up on my IPhone 6 and Ipad and I also sometimes access GoDaddy emails via webmail on my desktop computer (an IMac).


When I receive emails, they appear across all devices - i.e. I can see them in my phone and iPad Mail applications and on my IMac. However, when I send an email from my IMac (which I mainly tend to do when I am attaching documents) that email appears in my Sent folder on the webmail on my IMac but it doesn't show up in the Sent items on my phone or iPad.


I have been caught out a few times, needing to refer to or forward on a message I have sent from my computer but not then being able to see it on my phone so I have to wait until I can get to my computer at home.


Is there anything I can do to synch the Sent items across all devices? Is it something I need to set up differently in my phone settings?


Any help much appreciated!


Many thanks 🙂


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Hi @NotTechie,


Workspace email is a POP email and to get synchronous email you need an upgrade to an IMAP email account then configure each device for your email account.