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Can't Login To Outlook On Android Phone - THE FIX

I found that many people were having problems connecting the Outlook App to their new Android devices. When you try to login the app just spins and spins in the circle of death. I had the same issue and just found this workaround. Godaddy does not know how to fix this which is horrific. There is zero support on this issue.


This worked for me;

  • Remove outlook from phone in the play store.
  • Also, remove MS Word and Excell.
  • Log into your Outlook account from the phones Chrome Browser.
  • Once in it will ask if you wish to add Outlook to your home screen.
  • Click yes and it will install the app and work properly.



Re: Can't Login To Outlook On Android Phone - THE FIX

This didn't work for me it's still spinning. 

Resolver I

Re: Can't Login To Outlook On Android Phone - THE FIX

This usually happens when there isn't a recovery email setup. To fix this:

1. Open up a web browser (preferably a private/incognito window)
2. Visit the Office 365 login page (
3. Enter your Office 365 email address and password, then click “Sign In.”
4. When prompted to “Secure your account,” enter a “Recovery email” and click “Save & Continue” button.


Next open the Outlook app on the Android device and log in with your Office 365 email address again. By saving the Recovery Email previously, this should allow the Office 365 email address to setup in the app and display your Inbox.