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Can't change POP to IMAP.

These instructions don't work for me:


There is no way that I can see in Email Setup Center to change POP to IMAP. Please help, since Yahoo will no longer import POP mail accounts. Thanks!


Hey @Max222,


Are you trying to change free workspace accounts that are part of your hosting plan?  If so, then these instructions will not work as your account will only support POP3 access. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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After March 31, Yahoo will no longer import mail from POP accounts. Seems like I'd have to pay a steep price to upgrade my mail account -- and I had no idea there was no IMAP for my email when I signed with GoDaddy for a couple of years!


Is there a way around this extra cost, because it's really kind of a nasty surprise???


There must be several thousand clients in the same boat, I would think.