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Can't receive email but can send

So i bought a domain and hosting package, and in the cpanel of my domain i've added a few email addresses, i've successfully sent multiple emails from that address but each time i try to send an email i get a reaponse saying "address not found".


When i go to the DNS management page there is a bunch of record there (no clue what any of it means) but there already exist records for MX and i've added another one Host: @, Points to: mail.mydomain.tld, Priority: 1, TTL: 1h, and still nothing.


I've search here on the forums for posts regarding similar problems, and found a bunch, but none of the advice or solutions helped me.


Not sure what's wrong or even better why this isn't configured out of the box.



Re: Can't receive email but can send

Hi @armbruster92


Welcome to the community. 


You should have only one MX record if you are using cPanel email. Your basic DNS for that email is below.


A        @        Your hosting account's IP address

A        mail         Your hosting account's IP address

CNAME         www         @

MX         @         mail.[your domain name]


NOTE: Use MX Priority 0



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Re: Can't receive email but can send

hello,I am experiencing the same problem,and try your sovle ,but it's not work.

it still can send but can't not receive email ,can tell me how to do?


Re: Can't receive email but can send

i have the same problem. I send emails from my domain but i can't receive mails when i answer these.