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Can't reinstall desktop tool

Hi! I'm trying to reinstall the desktop tool on my office laptop. I uninstalled it yesterday thinking that I didn't need it only to find that I can't paste images into messages without it.


I have tried running the install program, saving it and then running it, and even the "save and run" option. each time, the program seems to launch, but then stops. the program also disappears from my Downloads folder.


I'm running a Lenovo ThinkPad with Win 7. I do not have the discretion to update the OS, as it is the company's machine.


I've cleared my cache and cleaned up temp/history/cookies etc. Any suggestions?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Can't reinstall desktop tool

Welcome to GoDaddy Community, @bbrooks! I'm not sure why you'd be having issues with this. I would guess that your system has changed in some way from when the application was initially installed. My suggestion would be to try either installing using "Run as Administrator". You could also try going to properties for the install file and changing compatibility settings. Hope that helps. Please update here if you find a solution or if those suggestions don't work. 


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