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Can't setup email in Member Tracking System

We use Member Tracking System from Vision CPS and office 365 email from godaddy. No combination of email settings will work for MTS, it runs in / as an access database. 

They said that some exchange servers require a different login for SMTP / to login than the email address we want to use..

We were able to setup our email on our xerox machine and it can send emais fine, but using the same settings ( and even account) in MTS won't work, it either gives an authentication or a login error. 


Any ideas on what settings to use / any changes we should make? 


Hey @bgcelko


Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy


Afraid I'm not familiar enough with MTS to know what specific settings they require to sync with an Office 365 email plan. We have a few device setup articles including one for Apple Mail on Mac. Have you tried settings similar to these? 


Beyond that, maybe another member familiar with the application you're trying to use might be able to offer some more insight. Let us know if you manage to work this out on your own. 


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