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Can't sync *all* inbox email to iPhone

Hi all. For a long time there was a setting on my iPhone to sync an unlimited number of days' worth of email, but now I find there is some sort of cutoff. I can search on my Mac and find years worth of inbox email. But on my iPhone it only goes back a limited amount of time. Is there any way to get my iPhone and iPad to sync all email? I need this so that I can search for older email on the road without my computer. Thanks!

Getting Started

Do you use Workspace emails or Office 365 through GoDaddy?


Once I've got that I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks. I'm using neither Workspace nor Office 365 thru GoDaddy. On my iPhone and iPad I just use the mail system that came with the device. 

I seem to recall that in the past there was an iPhone mail setting that let you set something like, "sync all mail for unlimited number of days." But I don't see that anymore. 

As far as I'm aware they're they are both the only ways of hosting an email through GoDaddy so you must have one uness your mail provider is another company?


If it's a setting that has dissapeared from your iPhone have you tried contacting apple?

I must be using Workspace. And yes I’ve posted to Apple as well. If I get a meaningful response there I will repost here for others with the same issue.