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Can't upgrade email plan


i have Deluxe Linux Hosting that come with 100 email/1GB by default. I have created additional email accounts (100 email/100 MB) but i can't upgrade my plan to 1 GB for each newly created account. My business need is to create above 1000 email with each of 20 MB of space.

Going through option=>customize=> i can see only downgrade and current plan, there is no upgrade. How can i resolve this issue?


Thank you.


Hi @khaledelcheikh


Thank you for your post. Seems that you are attempting to upgrade the free workspace email credit that was included with your hosting purchase. Unfortunately, these plans are no longer upgradeable.


If you will need  additional storage for the workspace emails it would require the purchase of one of our workspace plans that may be purchased through our customer services representatives.


Best Wishes!


Thanks and how much this cost for ?