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Canceled Office 365 Mail, now want Professional Mail - how?

I have 3 domains that I set up with office 365 Mail.  I called and had godaddy cancel those office 365 Mail accounts (just don't like how they work).  He added 3 Professional Email accounts to my cart that I purchased.  Now, I am trying to set those up.  After hours on chat and on the phone, I can't get an answer.


When I go to set up the professional email accounts with the domains that previously had Office 365 email, I get this message.


"Ineligible domains You cannot mix Professional Email with other types of email on the same domain. These domains are already associated with the following type of email account. If you have any questions, please contact support at +1 (480) 463-8835."


After speaking with a godaddy rep, he told me it took 24-48 for office 365 to disassociate itself.  Not sure what he meant, but hey, I waited.  It's been a week and I still cannot get any help as it appears everyone I speak to cannot understand this problem.


Any advice????

Former Employee

Hi @Stech1966 thanks for reaching out to the Community. Just so we are on the same page is sounds like you went from the Office 365 Email to the Workspace Professional Email? If the Office 365 Email accounts were removed properly you should be able to set them up in the Workspace Email. If you are still unable to set up the email in the Workspace please call support to make sure domains names are associated with the correct email plan. Best regards, Brett M.

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