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Cannot Receive All Incoming Email

Since Monday, I've been unable to receive emails in Outlook. It can connect to the server perfectly and also send emails perfectly but cannot receive emails. No settings have been changed, it just stopped working.....

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Victor168, have you tested receiving messages from the web based email to see if that's working properly?  If you can receive messages through webmail, then that would indicate that your email client settings need to be updated to receive messages that way.  Give the web based email a test, and then reach out to our live support teams for a review of your email client settings.  Our agents can let you know what updates you'll need to make to get it working properly.  Thanks!



Thanks for your reply. I've tested receiving messages from the web based email, it doesn't work too.

I checked on MX Lookup Tool - Check your DNS MX Records online - MxToolbox. I received these error

mail server.JPGmail server 2.JPG

@MPC This is all problems I received.
mail server 3.JPG