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Cannot choose any of the options in the Email creator

 When I create an email address it allows me to create the address, the password and the password confirmation, when I click create it gives me the following message: You have not selected any of the options, when I try to select an option  it will not allow me.


Hi @kowbok,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to resolve your issue and create the new email address? First, we'd advise using a private/incognito browsing window when creating this email address (to avoid caching previous attempts).


Then, make sure you own, or have control of the domain name and it's not being used for any other email account. The same domain can't be used for both Workspace Email and Office 365. If you're still not able to add it to your plan, you may need to contact the GoDaddy Customer Care team to take a look. 



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