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Cant resolve office365 email issues

After years of no issues using office365 Outlook for managing my multiple email accounts on Godaddy...I cannot get them to download on my live365 system.  It all started when godaddy service was interrupted for payment while I was traveling.  It was reinstated within 24 hrs...but since last Friday I have had no emails come through any of my accounts outside of going on webmail.  Two sessions with Godaddy support  have not solved the issue. Today we added new IMAP account...and still nothing comes through.  Can anyone solve this? Contacting Microsoft on this is next to impossible.  I have spent hours on this since yesterday.  Very frustrating.

Community Manager

Hi @eddydoran. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


It's difficult to say for sure what's going on. If you provide additional information, another community member may be able to recognize what's going on. Are these other email accounts you are trying to pull in also O365 accounts, or are they from somewhere else? Providing screenshots of settings that you're using may also help. Hope you're able to get this solved. If you do, please be sure to follow up here so others can benefit from your experience!


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Third time was the charm...but neither I or the tech support rep able to say what suddenly allowed the connection between O365 and GoDaddy webmail.  We did reverse one account (of 5 that were interfacing with O365) back to POP mail versus IMAP.  We think that had a part to do with releasing all the other emails that were now setup with IMAP.  The other thing that MAY have corrected the situation was erasing all the accounts from O365 and starting over with the new IMAP connections.


As all three of the tech reps said...Microsoft continues to be a **bleep** of a company to deal with when they upgrade or update things with very little documentation or tech support.  Also, since I had my o365 purchased independently of GoDaddy, perhaps my version is different?  Still many questions...but I am now functional. 


Biggest lesson learned...don't let your email package get shut down by GoDaddy.  Reconnecting  to 3rd party mail integrators may be a nightware ...for them and you.

I purchased the services on both sides— Microsoft/Ofc 365 and GoDaddy— after both sides telling me the issue was on the other and the tech could only assist on ‘their ‘ side. Very frustrating and have tried few other services trying to decide what to do for future.

I have tried to watch for solutions also. Irony is two custom emails purchased through GoDaddy to synchronize Outlook and only one works, and only for email...!

Welcome assistance understanding what I am missing in Outlook synchronization. Even the email that is working in Outlook 365 and and IPhone and GoDaddy will not synchronize calendar , task, or contacts. And all the data saved in Outlook on my Iphone disappeared in the account that is supposed to synchronize with GoDaddy!