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Catch-all email for subdomain with godaddy

Hi all,


we have a domain "" managed with Godaddy, but we use an external hoster for our website, and Google Suite for the emails.

All this configuration is currently set up in the DNS.


With this scenario, we want to create a catch-all email on a subdomain (for example "" to"" ) in order to have all email sent to this forwarded on a specific email.


It is possibile to do it with the godaddy email services (an without the use of the external email service)?

Thank you



Hey @mdilorenzo,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


What you're describing is using two separate email services on the same domain name. Generally, this is never recommended as there no way to guarantee control over which of the email services will actually be receiving the messages sent to the domain. 


Even in this case, using a subdomain to direct the separate email services to is not possible as there is no way to specify separate MX records in this manner.


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