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Changing DNS and MX Records to make this happen??

OK, here is the deal, My clients domain(s) are registered here at GoDaddy. Clients Website is hosted elsewhere. "Elsewhere" had a huge server crash over the weekend and we had to set up emergency emails for our business today using the email system (Office365) here. So that's what we did today and have them working fine. We had to change the DNS records that Office365 automatically put in place for all this to work.

My question is this: Clients website is fairly extensive and it is hosted on the other hosting server, but can I set MX and or DNS records to let Emails be run here at GoDaddy and keep the website running over at the other hosting server? 

Client loves the way the Office365  email system seems to work. Bottom line is, can I use same domain for email here and website somewhere else?


Hello @ACI!


Welcome to our community! Yes! You can host your email with us and site elsewhere. You'd just need to modify the domain's MX records to work with Office 365 email. Since I'm uncertain of your hosting provider, use this guide to find out how to setup your DNS for O365.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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