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Changing a Domain Name

I have a Microsoft 365 account with GoDaddy.


When I signed up for GoDaddy, I didn't think the domain through etc, I am considering changing it to my personal domain name (which includes my full name, as opposed to a business name).


a. Is the above possible?

b. If yes, how do I go about doing this?

c. Are there any problems that I may run into and are they fixable?

d. Would I need to reupload ALL the content that's currently on my OneDrive account?

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Hi @SamiJ,


The only real option is to register a new domain name to the one you want. Once a domain name has been registered it can't be changed. This is not down to Godaddy, but ICANN.


In answer to your last issue, you will have to assign your new domain to your hosting plan.

@RetiredI don't think you're understanding me on this one.

1. I've got a domain name regsitered and have now transferred it to GoDaddy.

2. I want THIS new domain and email address to be my Exchange email address


- Is there a way to change the Office 365 email address to this new one?

- Would I need to re-upload all the content from my OneDrive account to a new address?