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Changing email password - requesting admin to reset but I am the admin

Hi there,


I have one email address and I need to log into it - I haven't been receiving my email forwards. So, I want to see what emails are sitting there that I have missed. 


I requested a password reset. GoDaddy prompted that it would send the request to reset my "account administrator." I still have yet to receive any email or information about this to my Gmail, which is my main contact email for GoDaddy. I am my own account admin - I'm the only person who uses this email and I have no one managing my domain but me. 


Any ideas on how to fix this? My email is correct in all settings on my GoDaddy settings. 




Super User II

@missvain  Hmmm.... If all your GoDaddy settings are correct, then it could be that gmail tends to send a lot of emails to junk/trash.  Did you look there?  You are going to want to white list your domain and GoDaddy so that your emails get through.


You may want to to hop on the phone with GoDaddy to ask them what email address the password reset originates from so that you can add that to your gmail whitelist.


HTH! 😉



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