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Changing name servers to a new host and impact on Office 365 email

I have a domain for a business as well as Office 365 email with GoDaddy for that domain.   I have seen discussions on people losing their email if they simply change the name servers to a new hosting site while leaving the domain registered with GoDaddy.  I am looking at changing the name servers to another host and platform while leaving the domain registered with GoDaddy.  I plan to leave the Office 365 email with GoDaddy.  Will I have a problem?  If so, what do I need to do to make sure I don't lose my email and its history?


Changing the name servers removes the DNS records which can cause the email to go down since it relies on your domain's DNS to function, but no worries about losing any messages that are already in the inbox.

To avoid the mail going down due to the DNS change you can make a copy of your settings so you can add them on the new zone file. There are many different ways you can do that but this guide is one of them.

Another option would be to ask your website host for any applicable DNS records and then put them on your zone with GoDaddy... No nameserver change needed!

Both ways work it's whatever you'd prefer. Hope this info helps! 🙂