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Chrome not remembering Outlook 365 webmail login

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue: Chrome never remembers my log in details for Outlook 365 from GoDaddy. although I always tick the box to remember me or keep my signed in, it never works.


The same applies for when I log in via the app on my android phone. 


Any ideas welcome!


Many thanks


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Hi @EllieG,

Just a shot in a barrel full of fish in the dark, but have you disabled cookies? Or clean cookies religiously from any sites you visit?


"Cookies do have a valued use"

Hey Rammsteinium


Yes, I've tried that. 

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Hi @EllieG,


There is a general misconception that all browsers are equal. They most certainly are not. Try a different  browser.


If you include someones name tag as in==> @Retired then I get a notification! helps when wanting a quick reply, otherwise it's an email or digging around.

Ah-ha. It seems Edge has the edge over Chrome in this case.


Thanks for your recommendation.

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Glad to have been a help Smiley Happy