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Confused How to Setup Workspace Email

 I am so confused on how to properly setup my GoDaddy email. I am trying to follow the directions to setup my email address at my domain name via Workspace Email (found here:, but I am having trouble.


I initially followed the directions, but it would not let me click the email checkbox at the top of the form to complete the setup process. So I then clicked forwarding & now getting this error:


"Based on your current MX record settings, we determined that your email is currently set up to work with Google®. You cannot manage third party email accounts from the Workspace Control Center."


How do I fix this & get setup properly?






Getting Started

It sounds like your domain name is pointed to Google for email services. You may have set it up with Google at some time to do something with it. 


In order to get your email to work with GoDaddy, you'll need to update your MX records inside your domain name's DNS settings.


My Account -> Manage for Domains -> Find the domain name you need to edit, and depending on the view you're in on your domains, go to the domain name you are looking to update by either clicking on the name itself or clicking a gear button at the top right of hte box it's in -> find DNS Settings -> scroll down you'll see a section for MX records.


Update them to these AND ONLY THESE, as in get rid of any other mx records in there.     with a priority of 10      with a priority of 0


The "Host" for these records will be the @ sign. 

Hi @apexraiden,


When you say the hostname is '@', do you mean simple the @ sign or or My DNS records are hosted by the website builder I'm using, so have entered the MX records as states on godaddy's workspace e-mail centre, but wondering if I'm doing this incorrectly.





Sorry for the delayed response!!!

I mean JUST the @ sign. Some companies dont like that, and you'll just use your domain name, no w's, just

Did you get your contact form to work?  I am having the same problem within GoDaddy.  My Contact Form 7 (and every other contact form) is not submitting to our email, despite having the same domain.  Driving myself nuts trying to get it working.  I have just adjusted my MX records, and will test this and see if maybe it works for me.    



i have purchased two hosting plan one of linux hosting ultimate and second windows hosting plan ultimate . plan have mention 1000 of email we can create and use it but i can create email addresses on cpanel easily but windows hosting plan (Plesk ) have email creation option not available .


please help me how to create email addresses on windows hosting pla ultimate , where is option for email creation .



Hasan Zaheer


My current plan of web hosting come with business email plan, and i hope to add extra email address into my account, however, i cannot find any business plan and help document to do this. also i would like to know the full limitation/ specification of business email plan (plan: Email Plan2 AP)


Many thanks.

i own a domain name,

i have buyed this domain as godaddy dosen't provides .edu domain i have to buy it from other host.

no the problem is i have untimate hosting plan in godaddy, the shiningstarcademy domain is dns hosted in godaddy, but i want to create a worspace email for this domain.

while creating the email address i can't see this domain in the list.

as i have talked to the namecheap hosting center they said, u can create email address for other domain that are hosted on namecheap through dns.