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Cox Communication Email Issues? Anybody?

Anybody else having issues with email and Cox? Seems like my recipients that have Cox are not getting my emails or they are being defined as Spam. Used to never be an issue. One is my parents, and others are a few agents I work with regularly. Hardly ever any attachments. Just text. Cox says its Go Daddy and Go Daddy says its Cox who defines the message. Any suggestions? I use Outlook on a PC.

Community Manager

Hi @MichelleOC. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


Why a message gets delivered as spam can depend on a number of things. Ultimately, the determination that a message is spam is up to the recipients email provider or their settings. This doesn't mean that the issue is always on the recipients end. There could be a problem with the sending servers IP (reputation) or there could be a problem with the message content. 


Think of it like a guard at the entrance of a secure building. The guard is given instructions on who to let in immediately (regular email), who has to go through a screening process (spam), and who absolutely can't come in (rejected messages). Ultimately it is the guard (spam filter) that decides what happens to a given message. It could be that the filter is set too strong and shouldn't be filtering things as it is. In that case, the recipient's provider would need to update their rules. However, it could also be that there is a problem with the message content (according to the the recipient's providers rules) or the sending servers IP reputation. 


In a situation where GoDaddy is the sender's provider, we can check to see if the IP you're sending from has been listed on any blacklists. If it is, we attempt to get the listing removed. If it isn't, then the only other thing that can be checked is the message content. If the content is OK, then it would be on the recipient's provider to decide if their rules need to be updated. 


Hope that makes things a little clearer. Obviously this is a simplified explanation.Others may be able to let you know how they were able to overcome similar issues. 


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