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Deleting email from phone and main server

Hello! Is there a way when you delete an email from your phone, it will automatically delete it from the main server so when I log in on my laptop, I don't have to RE-delete all those emails again?

On the phone I have the option "when deleted from inbox" checked in server settings where it says " Delete email from server..."

Two options: Never or when deleted from inbox; however, the emails remain in the server. Hoping someone can help!

Thanks so much


Helper II

That is a great question.

These links may help to some degree...


I'll be honest, all my settings are imap. I wanted a copy of the emails to be on all my devices. I rarely go to my Workspace center unless there is some issue that requires me too. I have the mail come to my computer's mail program and my iPhones and those in the network. When setup correctly if I either read or delete it on one it is so marked as read or deleted on the other (not immediately and soon enough between the backyard and the house it gets updated). However, even though my Workspace is imap there is always a copy there until I go in there to Delete it or read it (again). I kind of like it this way most of the time. 


Maybe of no help but maybe an idea...