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Difference between cpanel email and Office 365

I know similar questions have been asked in the past but I don't understand what is the difference between setting up email through cpanel (which I did, before I realised there were 2 ways of setting up email) and using office 365.  If I use cpanel email will I not be charged for office 365 (am on the free year at the moment) .  Does it make any difference to actually sending and recieving my email which I use?


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The primary difference, for me, is not having all my eggs in one basket.  I use Office 365 (and other services) so that my email is *not* on the same server as my website.  If the website server hiccups I don't have to worry about email issues as well.


Office 365 also works seamlessly with Outlook and has more customization ability, added features, functionality (calendar, automatic replies, add-ons, etc.) all within the O365 dashboard.


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