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Domain email is working, but is reporting to senders that it is not responding

My Domain Email is properly receiving emails and are properly forwarding it to my email address.


However, senders have been reporting they are getting notices from their email provider that informs them that my domain email is not responding.  


A general message:


There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email]. Gmail will retry for 23 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.

However, I would still receive the emails sent to me without any consequence.  Not sure why this is happening.

Does anybody know what may be wrong with my email domain?


Hi @patach

This issue does not appear to be with use but with your GMAIL configuration. I was able to do some research and found a Google help forum with ways to resolve your issue here.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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