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Dont receive emails (cPanel) - MX records?

Switched back to cPanel email from google apps couple of weeks back, fixed the dns records by following


however I still cannot receive emails, I can only send them out, I am sure the changes have propagated because i made the changes 3 weeks ago and double checked them as well. Can anyone share what their default DNS files looks like? especially the MX records.


The emails to my account do not bounce back, they just dont end up in my mailbox.


Thank You.

Getting Started

I think I fixed it, it was a wrong entry in the MX Entry section under cPanel (not under DNS Manager). Not sure how thats different from DNS manager though.

Getting Started

Spoke too soon, MX record is fixed but godaddy servers reject the emails for some reason and they bounce back. Facing exactly the same issue as in this post:


Any solutions for it?