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Email Bounce Back ERROR 5.4.1

I've checked all your responses which marked SOLVED . which are totally wrong !!! I could not resolve the issue. 


I've two emails in my account 

one created from Cpanel which can send emails and NOT receiving emails !!!!

Another one with Office 365 which is sending email and receiving . 



Can you please help to resolve this issue not repeating yourself for wrong support suggestions !!!!



The response from the remote server was:

550 5.4.1 []: Recipient address rejected: Access denied []









Re: Email Bounce Back ERROR 5.4.1

Greetings @majidoman2,


Thanks for posting. Most solutions posted here were for the questions and may (or in your case, may not) apply to other issues. As this is a general discussion forum we cannot exam your specific failures / configurations. We can say that Error 550 is usually that the email is being rejected by the receiving server for that address/domain, this can be due to mis-configuration or rejection for other reasons (SPAM filters, etc). One guide offered by Microsoft® themselves is:

Beyond the limitations of generality, you may be best served by contacting support for your specific (supported) issues.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Email error

Hi All,

Facing an error when I send and email from my personal mail to my website mail.

550 5.4.1 []: Recipient address rejected: Access denied []


Re: Email error

Hi @Khursheed88,


Welcome to the Community!

This error can be found online by others having the same issue. If your issue still exists, you can check out this thread. Or this one may help you. 


If you have a bounce error, the GoDaddy technical support team can review the headers for you. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Email Bounce Back ERROR 5.4.1

same here.  very frustrating.  can sign in and send from cPanel, send, but messages to the address bounce.  then in another part of the godaddy site, other email addresses are listed, but not this one.


worse yet, when i try to go to the godaddy site, get "forbidden".  find a way in and every single link to help or contact gets me "forbidden".  there used to be ways to talk (email) to them about problems.  now we are just suckers who may have just thrown our money away.


these replies are not even close to attempts to respond to this problem.  can understand why the  problem may require one-on-one assistance, but they could at least provide contact info for this.


good luck!