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Email/Calendar improvements & suggestions

If I am missing how to do these things, please someone let me know how to do them.


'Move To' icon – this should offer a preselected folder based on the history (like the older mail version) instead of having to scroll for the folder each time. You could also allow for typing of the first letter of the folder and have it auto scroll to that letter so you can then select your folder. This also was available in the previous version.


Contacts – Please add a Search button to find a contact. The current search button only looks through email. I have over 3000+ contacts so I do not have the time to go page by page to look for one, and I have no idea which page they are on. This was also available on the previous version. You should also allow contacts to be added without requiring an email address. Some people I only have phone numbers for but would still like to add them to my contacts. 


Add Contact to Group - it would be great if you could select the group you want to add the contact to when you add the contact, instead of having to remember who it was, and then go to the group page to add them. This was easily done in the 'classic' version. 


Keep As New – If you view your email with the reading pane open, when I move an email to a folder, the next email is highlighted and then shown as read as soon as you select another one. This is not convenient as then I have to keep marking my emails unread. Unread should be the default when it auto selects the next email. 


Font size – why do I have to change the font and size of the text body in each and every email? My signature is set and appears correctly, but all the other fonts continually come out smaller and I have to change them each time to match the signature size. Changing your display settings only works in the previous version.


Hey @ldl1


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. I'll pass this along to our developers to take into consideration with their planned updates for Workspace mail. 


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Just want to echo the post regarding having to constantly change font size. I use font size 3 but the email always defaults to font size 2. Please create a fix for this. Thank you.