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Email Forwarding - GMail "Send mail as"

Hi There.


My Issue is:


-I had a web developer previously hosting my domain name on GoDaddy.

-He had set up for me, a situation where I had a gmail email that used my domain name.

-We did a domain transfer yesterday, I purchased an Ofiice 365 email package - and set up the email hosting at the same domain name.

-However, all my incoming mail is now going to my Office 365 account and my Gmail mail has stopped receiving emails (note: both the gmail and the Office email have the exact same name i.e.

-I have tried adding the Office 365 account to my Gmail account - it will not accept (I suspect because they have the same name)

-How do I fix this?

-I want to read and send all my emails using my GMail platform.


Thanks so much in advance.

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Re: Email Forwarding - GMail "Send mail as"

Is it your intention that email go to both your Office 365 and Gmail? I've not seen that particular arrangement because Office 365 is usually the email client. Your MX records should now be changed so your previous settings would no longer pull emails. Check your Gmail settings to make sure they are current. I hope that helps? 

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