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Email Forwarding - GMail "Send mail as"


I own a domain without any hosting plan and i successfully. I easily setup and tested email forwarding. The problem is I want to send emails from GMail with my forwarded email address.

Here is what I am doing:

  1. Go to GMail
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to "Accounts and Import"
  4. Click "Add another email address you own"
  5. Fill in "Email address" with my forwarded addres
  6. SMTP Server:
  7. Username: My forwarded email address (<mail>
  8. Password: My GoDaddy password
  9. Port: 465
  10. Everything else is left with it's default value

The error message is "Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.
[Server response: 535 Authentication Failed for code(535) ]"


Is there anything i am doing wrong?


This actually can be done - you receive the email through forwarding and then send through the but you must setup an email that actually exists on workspace. 


setup an actual email box for - then have a copy sent to the gmail account. Use the autopurge on the inbox by right clicking and choosing autopurge. then choose 1 day or whatever and you can use a free account (if you have one) to handle this function. 


So for example I forward to

then it can log and send messages. 



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Getting Started

I spent some time looking for a solution because I too had done it before. The steps have to do directly with gmail. 

Here´s the link:

Scroll down, and go to: 

Sending mail from your forwarded email address

You´ll find the steps. 

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Getting Started

I have finally found an actual working solution to this.


Just set up the email using gmail's smtp servers instead.


Full instructions here:

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Hey @yordanivanov,


Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy


Since you mentioned this being an email forwarding account, what you're attempting to do is not possible. Email forwarding addresses are specifically designed to forward mail to an already existing mailbox. Because of this, they don't have an actual mailbox to receive or send messages from. That's also part of why you're encountering the authentication errors indicated when trying to send through our SMTP relay. 


In order to send from the same address, it needs to be setup like a regular email address


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I don't think this is entirely true. I have a forwarded account and was able to set up Send mail as. I came to this thread because I didnt remember how I did it wanted to set up another email. I would be glad to share any information needed to verify this...

I agree, I'm having the exact same problem. I'm using the forwarding as well and I have done it in the past (I currently have three emails using Gmail) and I got married and I'm trying to change my name and I can't! I also wanted to add another one. Not sure what I'm doing wrong this time or what changed.

@sie7e @blakstallion


Hi Folks!


Because a forwarding address isn't a functional email address, you can't add it to Gmail (or any client) as a POP3 address that you can send from. Specifically because there's no password for this address, so it can't be added to a client. If you were able to setup your address to send mail in a client before, you may have had a real email address you were setting up to forward somewhere else. I'd recommend reaching out to support so they can have a look at your account and confirm which it is that you have so you know how to set it up. 



Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I did this, and was in a chat for a long time going in circles being told they couldn't help me because it was not a "paid full email account". Even though I already have several others that are ONLY forwarded and are working just fine. Not very helpful.

Something has definitely changed on Go Daddy to make this option not functional anymore. I had 5 free forwarding email accounts that were forwarding to Gmail and I was able to send from these accounts in Gmail but now it is giving me an Authentication error with all 5 accounts. Nothing changed on my end but something has changed on Go Daddy for sure. Very upset by this and hope they correct it soon.

This is not true. Gmail allows you to set up an application password to over come this problem. I have 3 forwarding emails that I use with Gmail.
Getting Started

I spent some time looking for a solution because I too had done it before. The steps have to do directly with gmail. 

Here´s the link:

Scroll down, and go to: 

Sending mail from your forwarded email address

You´ll find the steps. 

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I just got off the phone with tech support, and they said it is NOT possible with e-mail forwarding to do G-Mail "send as" so that it looks sending and receiving e-mail looks like it's coming from one address. 


I'm going to transfer my domain to Google and see if that works. 






Hi - glad that worked for you. What does it mean to transfer your domain to google? You don't have it at godaddy any longer? thanks! (I'm struggling with this problem right now too...)

That wasn't how I didn't it previously. But that technique definitely worked. Thanks davelar7


This worked for me too! 

Thank you, davelar7. The instructions you mentioned worked.

This worked like a charm davelar7!! Thanks!

Thank for the solution. Works great!

It works, thanks 🙂

Thank you so very much!!! As I had already set up two emails previously this way and couldn't figure out how to do it again.  Again, thank you so very much for sharing, I can continue to do my business looking professional thanks to you!

Getting Started

Davelar Thank you so much this totally worked!







This works!

Thanks @davelar7

Hold Up!!! 


davelar should be hired by godaddy for this one..


i mean the fact that go daddy hasn't put out support with this article in it yet is beyond me.. possibly because they want you to pay for email.. lololol but thats no joke.  well thank you google gods. and davelar for playing messenger of the gods.