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Email Forwarding & Custom nameservers

I seem to be having issues creating email forwarding and using custom nameservers.

Would the email forwarding need to be created first before switching the custom nameservers?

Is there nameservers I can switch back to will allow me to create and configure the working forward email? 

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Braydene


You should still be able to use our email forwarding services with custom nameservers. However, the issues you're encountering may likely be due to the missing MX records needed for our mail services to function in the initial setup attempts. 


Not knowing which data center you're wanting the forwarding account to be setup at, it probably would be best to point the domain back temporarily to our parked nameservers so you can finish the setup. Make note of the MX records being used before you switch back, as you'll need to specify these to be sure the account still functions when you use the custom nameservers. 




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