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Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

My email is hosting in CPanel. 


I set up Gmail (i.e. connect my personal email to access email address hosted in CPanel). I set it up last year Dec 2015 and it was working until Dec 5, 2016. and then stopped working (I set it  up to access and send email. Both stopped working)


I could still access email using Webmail  and it has no issues.


Then I tried with Outllook, it can access and send email But Outlook eventually stopped working a while (i.e. after I start my PC and then open Outlook it worked for a short time but after a while (1 hour or so) the connection stopped working. (cannot retrieve email or send). But when I restart the PC, then it would work again but after a while (it stopped working again). I contacted GoDaddy Support but they said they would not support since the Webmail is working and kept me saying it was a configuration issue. If the configuration was incorrect, then why Outlook would work even for a short time.


From Gmail, I cannot even connect to , it kept refusing. So, I remove an email account from Gmail Settings. Then try to re-add the account. I am certain that I did it correct.

Here the set up email address: 

email address: (I checked the spelling like 5 times so that it is correct)

 username: ( and also tried with only my name)

password: correct (as I typed in a notepad and copied it first into a web browser to access via Webmail, then copy the same password to make sure that it is the same password)

POP Server: (checked domain spelling is correct)

 Port: 110 

and I got this error:

There was a problem connecting to
Server returned error: "Connection reset by peer: The other server terminated our connection. Please contact your other email provider for more information."


Since Support agent does not want to accept that there is something Strange behavior going on,  (I believe it is  on GoDaddy side), I am asking for help here. Why would all email clients  started stopped working/have issues at the same. Why would all email clients  started stopped working/have issues at the same time. 


The error is the same in Outlook when it stopped working. It cannot connect to the server. (and it is not a virus issue. For Outlook, one can claim but I am using web browser for a Gmail to connect to my work email hosted in CPanel).


Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

I was hoping someone could help me. It makes things a lot harder.


Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

Hey @templeavenue


Really sorry to hear about the trouble you're encountering with your mail client. Unfortunately, what you're describing does sound like an issue somewhere on the client configuration side as mentioned by the rep you spoke with before. Not specifically with your settings that we outline for you in our own Help Documents, but in the actual configuration files of the application. Especially since you mentioned it working briefly after a reboot of the system. 


In these instances, I can only recommend first trying to remove the email account profile from the Outlook client and then re-adding it. Most times this corrects whatever profile corruptions were causing the issues being experienced. If this fails to address it, then the most extreme case may be to try an uninstall/reinstall of Outlook completely from the system you're trying to connect from. 


If any other member who's encountered this cPanel mail issue before is reviewing this discussion, perhaps they can share some more suggestions that could help. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

Having the same issue!!!!!!!  Still no help from GoDaddy!!!!



Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

I am also facing the same problem.

Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

Same problem. Godaddy states it is not their side. Still no resolution. Worked fine for 2 years and problem started on Jan 7, 2016. 

Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

I know this thread is quite old at this point, but I'm experiencing exactly the same problems as of July 2018. Did this ever resolve? Did you do anything to actively fix the problem?




Re: Email Hosted in CPanel Stopped with Email Client (Outlook, Gmail)

There are various reasons that your email client may not be connecting to your email. Here are the suggested steps: 

Step 1: Make Sure You Can Connect to Workspace Mail

First, connect to Workspace Mail in your Web browser to make sure you have an account and that your user name and password work. Go to, and log in.

If you can't log in, double-check that your email account is set up and you have the correct email address and password. You might need to contact the system administrator who set up your account. For more information, see Set up email addresses.

Step 2: Double-Check Your Settings

Adding server and account information can be tricky; it's easy to mistype a letter or two. Double-check that you're using the correct incoming and outgoing servers (host names), email address, and password to connect to your email account.

Your server names might also be different than our default setup depending on which type of email plan you have and where you purchased it. See Finding my email program's settings for more information.

Step 3: Reset Your Password

If you've verified that your password is correct by successfully logging in, but you still can't set up email through Outlook, reset your Workspace Email password. (You can use the same password again.)

After resetting the password, try setting up the email account again.


Step 4: Try Different SMTP Ports

Typically, SSL and port 465 work most of the time. If you can receive email but can't send any messages in Outlook, double-check that you're using the correct port number.

Sometimes ISPs or network providers block specific ports for security reasons. If the default settings don't work, you can try some alternate ports.

To Change Your Outlook SMTP Port Settings

  1. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, click File, and then click Account Settings.
  2. Select the account you want to change and click Change.
  3. Click More Settings... and select the Advanced tab.
  4. Next to Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL.
  5. Next to Outgoing Server (SMTP), type 465. Click OK and click Next.
  6. If those settings don't work,repeat steps 1-3 and select None for Use the following type of encrypted connection. Try these other ports for Outgoing server (SMTP): 80, 3535, or 25.
  7. Click OK and Next to see if the other ports will work.

Step 5: Remove the Email address and Set it back up: 

Here is a link to our article on setting up an email client with the cPanel email:


Note: You may also want to restart your computer to ensure that an update is not causing the connection issues.