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Email Hosting

Single mail also not working in which I have created in webhosting in Deluxe linux plan. They have not solved talking with them from 5 days onwards. Each member saying from our end perfectly working. But when I start sending mails total mails were failure with 552 error. With this error they were saying that spam going that's the reason blocked. I even checked by using other email ids which I had not sent a single mail from them. If I send 2 mails from them I am facing the same issue. My total business is in critic stage. If any people experienced like this please do help me out. Very struggling. At first they said before buying hosting plan "You can send 500 mails per hour for each domain" I have purchased .biz, .com, .net for only mailing purpose. So, they have given Cpanel for them to create unlimited mail ids. But there is no use, how can I grow up with the trusted Godaddy.


Re: Email Hosting



Sometimes when a customer sends a email from their cPanel Shared hosting account the message will get flagged as spam (This would be depending upon any attachemnts/subject/signature etc). If this is done often the customers entire account can become flagged and they will not longer be able to send mail from the blocked domain. So depending on what your sending, that can trigger it to be shut down. 


If you are sending basic emails then it should not trigger that error message. For GoDaddy reps to troubleshoot what it is, they need to have a few things. 1. Original error message saved as an attachment.  2. Original email that was attempted to be sent out, saved as an attachment. When you have saved as an attachment it allows review of the original coding. That way, we can tell what triggered it and if it was the server that made the mistake.  If not the server, we can advise what triggered.

Hope that helps!