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Email Not Working After Losing & Repurchasing Domain Name

Hi All,

I stupidly thought my main domain was on auto-renew...but it wasn't & it expired. Once it became available again I repurchased it. 


I have email with the domain name as the extension set up through G-Suite & I use Mail on my Mac. I have not been able to get my email working since repurchasing the exact same domain name. I think (but definitely don't know) that if I delete the existing email account in Mail & set it up again that it might work. But, I don't want to delete the original account & lose all the messages downloaded prior to the loss of the domain name. I have searched & searched for answers to this question but not found any instructions that have resolved the problem. 


Does anyone know how to get email working again without losing previous emails & without changing the address in anyway? Any/all help would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks in advance,


Former Employee

Hello @scarlettobeauty

For as long the the email boxes service did not expire it's perfectly safe, however any one who sends an email to you now will have bounce backs for sure, It probably lost's it's mx records when the domain got resurrected, I wouldn't know what kind of email service you have with but there are 3 kinds of emails with Godaddy you may want to tell us the domain name and what email service you have.



Hi Joven,

Thanks for your response. The domain is with the email, set up through Google's G-Suite (not using any go daddy email services) as 


When you say "perfectly safe" do you mean to delete the account set-up in Mac Mail...and not lose the previously downloaded messages?


Thanks for your help,



Hello Ellie  @scarlettobeauty

I checked if there's an valid mx to it for gmail found out that there's none using this public utility "DNS loook up".  and double checked with 
You will need to manually put the correct MX to map your google mailbox from domain DNS.
Mx should look like this :
If needed to confirm your mx records you may need to login to your G-Suite account and contact the support, "once you have it"  go to your godaddy account user interface. Make sure there's no other MX records except for what you will be adding. Here is the guide on how to add your google mx Once done adding, give it a good 24-48 hours propagation, you may use those links on top to test if MX is good.

Hope this helps.

Warm Regards,