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Email Quota - How to manage.



I am hoping someone can help me understand quotas.  Most of the employees are using Outlook. We were getting alot of "over Quota" messages.  We had the employees delete the emails and clean out their folders but removing the emails did not change the usage levels in GoDaddy.


The Quota usage never changed.   How do I recover that "usage" so that we do not keep having to buy more storage.?   Thank You

Community Team
Community Team

If you're still seeing issues with being over quota after clearing space and emptying the trash folder, please contact our live support teams so we can take a look at the plan in more detail.  Thanks.  



To recover storage in GoDaddy we need to enter godaddy web login and delete emails from out accounts there - in both inbox and sent mail to recover storage space.


but what i am noticing is that i can only go back and view about 3 months.  How do i access my two year old emails so that i can delete them and recover storage.  Each time i speak with someone all they want me to do is buy a bigger account.   we are a small non profit and i cannot afford unlimited storage purchase.


Is there a setting in GoDaddy similar to outlook that purges old emails?