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Email Rejected For Spam

Hi all, 


I'm having a frustrating issue that is not happening all the time but some of the time. I'm getting this pop up via Mac Mail saying my outbound email on my godaddy account is being rejected for Spam/Virus Content. 


I've trouble shooted this with godaddy phone support with no resolution. I've also troubleshooted with Apple to no resolution. 


I've also downloaded and loaded the same email address into Airmail 3 and i've had the same problem. 


Any assistance in this incredible frustrating problem would be appreciated. 


Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 4.32.38 pm.png


Hi @liam56


Thank you for you post. In the bounceback there will be a link that you can submit the original email content for review. Once submitted our teams will attempt to unblock the the prints that are triggering the spam filters. 


You will need to find the outbound message in your sent folder and save the message as a .eml or .msg file. 


Once you have the original outbound message saved click the link and submit the message. If you are unable to find the link here is the direct url.


Hope this helps!