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Email Sending Limits

I manage a website using a Windows Hosting account for a volunteer organization I am a member of. We have started to communicate with our members via email. We send an email to all members about once a week. Over time, we hope that the number of people and groups that sign-up for these email messages will grow. The question is: How many emails at a time can I send before I bump up against some limit?

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Re: Email Sending Limits

Hey @pauls,


If you are using email to keep up to date with a growing number of members perhaps directly emailing is not the ideal situation? I'd advise you to check out a GoDaddy Garage article Top 10 reasons GoDaddy + Mad Mimi is awesome (for you). I have used Mad Mimi before and found it to be wonderful. Of course there are other email newsletter services like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact... Some of those services have free to start plans or free plans for certain sized groups.


I think that establishing a method now that can grow with you might be the best thing to do right now? You will undoubtedly find other benefits like tracking campaigns beyond the ease of managing lists? Please come back and let us know what you decided to do. I hope that helps?

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what are the limitations if I send bulk email using a third party software



I would like to ask what are the limitations of per hour or per day if I send bulk email using a third party software and SMTP server is godaddy. 

and how many maximum connections i can have at a time with godaddy smtp server