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Email Syncing Issues



I currently have Unlimited Business Emails with 15 addresses with GoDaddy. Users use Microsoft Outlook and their phones to use their emails and occasionally log into the workspace online.


We have been having repeated issues with only some of our users (the most important accounts - wouldn't you know it). The problems really fall into the issues with outlook syncing and them changing and managing their folders. They rename folders and they disappear. They move folders and they disappear. If they do sync the folders take forever to sync. I have just had a user lose four subfolders and their contents after he dragged and dropped into another folder, they never synced and he had deleted and purged the first folder so can't get them back without doing a resort from a few days ago, but he has done a whole lot of work since then and this would pose more of an issue.


I am considering moving users over to the Office 365 email account with Go Daddy. Would this solve my issues, or is this really a GoDaddy issue?


Hi @reford79

This would not be an issue from our end but within the Outlook settings. I suggest checking out this Microsoft support article here on how to resolve the issue. If that does not resolve the issue you'd want to reach out to Microsoft's community forum.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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