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Email config for existing Office365 account?

I recently migrated a Wordpress site from another host to a new godaddy hosted account. This site features the standard Wordpress contact form, for visitor inquiries. I also have a pre-existing Office365 account, which was setup to receive mail from the domain, prior to my migrating it to Godaddy hosting.


Via my GoDaddy cPanel I have been trying to set up MX records, forwarders, SMTP settings, and many other configurations - but emails still do not get into the pre-existing Office365 Outlook account. It seems that there are many conflicting sets of instructions regarding how to do this, its extremely confusing.

We simply need our site's contact form to send email to our existing Office365 Outlook account, without having to recreate it via GoDaddy's provided Outlook installer. We want to use our existing Office365 account for visitor inquiries sent from our site's contact form.

Is there a set of clear instructions for setting this up? Many thanks for any clear advice.