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Email configuration

Dear Friends, 


 I have Domain registration with Go daddy but for my website hosting I am using a different company.   Earlier  my work email ID was working proper with go daddy but after website was hosted with new webhosters I have lost the functionality of my work email on Go daddy.  Have anyone experienced this and what is the solution. When the name server for hosting has changed to new company will go daddy not provide email services any further .  Also i added one more workspace email with go daddy but this is also attached to the same domain (registered with go daddy) but hosted by a different company.  Has Go daddy absolved itself of responsibilities to maintain the workspace emails for me because I have a different hosting company.  I am still paying Go daddy annual subscription for the domain including email facility.  Or am i  supposed to create 2 new workspace email ID's with my new hosting company.  What happens to all the previous history of emails that I had with go daddy so far. Is it going to be lost.  Would appreciate some help. 

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Re: Email configuration

Unfortunately, when you hosted your domain elsewhere by changing your DNS that changed your e-mail provider to your new host.  


GoDaddy charges for your domain registration -- Workspace e-mail is a free service.


You have two options at this point:


1) Ask your new host about the e-mail services/plans they offer and get that setup pronto.

2) Use Office 365 from GoDaddy for a small monthly fee.


I moved away from free Workspace a while ago because it was not reliable and highly recommend Office 365.


HTH! Smiley Wink



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Re: Email configuration



I'm in the same situation but when I signed up with go daddy I had already purchased my domain with Can you confirm that what I'm understanding is that I have to purchase email services with my domain company??




Re: Email configuration

Hello @jcromualdo24!


Welcome to the community! You are able to use whatever email service you'd like. You can have your domain registered with another registrar and host your email with us. You'd just need to change your domain's MX records wherever your DNS is hosted.


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Re: Email configuration

Thank you Heather. I actually contacted support and they were able to help out.

Re: Email configuration

Hello Heather my issue is a bit similar can you please help .I have my website with a different provider with windows hosting and i have also have a linux hosting with go daddy .I want the email accounts of this website to be hosted with go daddy and website remain there with the old windows hosting .I wonder if this is possible if it is please let me know the steps to make the changes in my domain settings if any 


Re: Email configuration

I'm confused-  I called GD today, they host and register ALL my domains, I have 3 email addresses (for 3 of my 8 domains) and I was told I must maintain a workspace business account.  I don't use workspace and forward my 3 addy's to a central account in the cloud.  Do I need to keep workspace??