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Email ending up in reciever's Junk Mail folder?

Hi, I have an ultimate hosting account with Godaddy. The account has three domains (all covered by an SSL certificate) with their own email accounts.


E.g. (with an SSL certificate) and with an email address just like this:


I've followed the Godaddy email setup guide and configured my email system to Apple Mail.


The setup went really smoothly and the email has been linked with a security certificate, which is great. I can send and receive emails fine.


The only issue I have is that when I send an email, it will end up in my reciever's junk mail...


I've tried sending emails to my friend's Gmail and Hotmail accounts - all of them go into their junk mail folders. But, if I send emails to another friend's Outlook email it's fine.


Any thoughts?

Helper II
Helper II

Hi,   gbellnz 


 Sounds like a new email,  and very common.  Try,  adding that email to your contacts, try to 

un-check it as spam,  and reply back to that email.  Some times emails need to become acquainted.


  Also check your drop down bar click spam filter set to another option.