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Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?


For last weeks I received several mails from my own email ids and demanding for bitcoins. Here is a mail screenshot you can check


2 days back I talked with Godaddy admin and they asked me to change all passwords, I already did it but today again received same email. 


Please guide.


Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

I have the same issue so I changed everything. I am also getting thousand of Mail Deamon Meesages. It looks Like some is bouncing off of My email account. Can you look at it. That pportion is bouncing off of your servers so it is public record. Thank you.

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

I have the same issue. Is this a spoof of my address? If I try to set my webmail auto purge it indicates it will purge my email address. Has someone hacked your email servers or is this a very clever phishing scam? I already changed my password on all devices. What else can I do?

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

I looked carefully at the header and this email came from which is an imp in Brazil and has been reported numerous times to that ISP. I hope GoDaddy will block it!

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

I am having the same issue. GoDaddy needs to secure their server.


This is clearly a growing issue and the server security is compromised.

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

This has happened again to me today. I have changed may password but they still keep getting past that. Go Daddy needs to help.

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

I'm getting these too! I changed my passwords and yet they still come through. don't understand why this is happening and why they can't be stopped. started happening a month or so ago. I can see this is widespread and happening to others too.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email hacked and demanding bitcoins?

Hey Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to participate. I just wanted to clarify that for the most part, emails like those discussed above don't need to be sent from within your email account. Most of the time, these are spoofed email messages. This doesn't reflect an issue with the GoDaddy email system or its security, but rather with email in general. For more on the subject of spoofing, take a look at this thread. It's a bit long but it may help. 


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