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Email issues with Office 365 - Certificate error

I continue getting these errors on my iOS devices setup with mail through Office 365. How can this be resolved?

After deleting the account on my iPhone and iPad and again adding account, I get the same error repeatedly popping up on my device.


"Cannot Verify Server Identity ... The identify of "" cannot be verified."


The details of this error show the certificate it 'Not Trusted'.


Hi @Jay_Z,


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This is apparently not an uncommon error message when using an iOS device. See if these general instructions will resolve your issue by trying each one in this order. (Taken from a Microsoft help guide.)


  1. Click the "Details" button and select "Trust…" if offered.
  2. Quit and restart the mail app.
  3. Try turning off the phone for a soft reboot, then start again.
  4. Turn off SSL in the Settings/Mail/Accounts/Advanced area of your iPhone.
  5. Remove the email account, then add it back in.




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Thanks. I should have mentioned more of the steps I had attempted! I went through all of these steps. Even added the account on a new iPad that didn't have any of my account info previously and have had the same issue. Turning off SSL didn't have an affect on the occasional error either.


I can get the error repeatedly or hours then it might take a break for a day and then start getting them sporadically again. Quite inconsistent but consistent!