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Email not being received

I use this GoDaddy email service for my business, I only receive a very limited number of emails so never really experience any problems (until now).

Today I received a phone call off one of my customers asking why I hadn't returned any of their email messages over the last 2 weeks ?

Answer: I haven't received them !

There is no proplem with their service as they have emailed my personal email address without issue.

I'm getting emails from other people but it's got me thinking I've missed a number of other emails without even knowing it !

Why am I not receiving emails from this particular sender ?

Anybody help (keep it simple) ?


Community Manager

Hi @Matt23. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The most common reason that emails do not come through (aside from the address being wrong) would be because the server rejected the email for some reason. If that happens, a bounceback message is generated by our server and sent to the sender who's message got rejected. I would check with your client to see if they have received a bounceback. If not, then it would have to be an issue on the sender's side where their provider isn't allowing messages to your specific address out. If you are able to obtain a bounceback error from your client, please get in touch with our support team and they can take a closer look at what the error says. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

My Godaddy workspace has been working as far as I have been aware until recently...Now it does not send nor receive.....Help please...

There is no bounce back message too

Having a similar issue. We have trouble receiving email from a couple of customers but those customers can send the same email to other people/addresses just fine, no bounce just never shows up. We have NO filters set up. This issue makes us look incompetent because we can't explain why our business email address can't receive their email but Hotmail, can.

Have you been helped on this question yet? I know its been a while but haven't seen anyone respond.

There has been no help from Godaddy support team.  They continue to give the same "canned" response that does not work.  This issue continues to persist.  The only solution I have to this problem is change service provides. Godaddy will not help you.

I have been having this problem since the beginning (years) where certain of my accounts do not receive emails.  I have asked support support, but have never had any solution.  On the affected accounts, I can send from the account to itself, but from 'outside' nothing is received, and no rejection is sent back to the sender.


This is extremely annoying.  Luckily the uses on these email accounts are not particularly important, but when I do need them, it completely defeats the purpose.


I am 'glad' to see that I am not the only one with the issue, but really disappointed to see that it is not being investigated appropriately by GD.

I've problem in receiving email. when I send email from my gmail/outlook in to my godaddy email domain but its bounce back with message " rejected your message to the following email addresses". can you please help me out in this problem. I didn't received emails.

I have the identical issue. I receive most emails. But sometimes I don’t get emails from some clients. No bouncebacks either. The only way to solve this issue is when I go into spam settings and insert the email address of the client in the “allowed list”. But sometimes this doesn’t work either. When I call godaddy their customer service is as bad as their email service. They say they never heard of such problem only because they are unable to solve this issue that so many people have!!! Ridiculous

I finally got an answer which seems to be working so far.

The solution that i was given was to move my email from the cPanel to the GD Webmail Control Center. Although I am not particularly sure why, I was told that using cPanel for email is not normal and that many servers will reject mail to these methods.

The agent moved my MX records and after a few hours, the data propogation was complete. So far I am receiving mail as I should.

Have had the same issue for at least the past two weeks - and only made aware due to client voicing his annoyance that I didn't bother replying to his email (which was filtered into Junk Mail by Office 365).

Have tried adding 'noreply' address to contacts, moving emails to inbox etc, and test emails from my website are still going to Junk folder.


My situation is similar only reversed. I think I'm receiving theirs but they appear to be not receiving mine




i am able to send and receive e-mails from internal e-mails (between different websites but I am not able to receive it from the contact form of my new website because it is blocked by Google server saying that it is blocked due to virus and want me to buy security bundle of over £800. Without contact form, I will not be able to earn money from my visitors and therefore Google is taking advantage of my weakness. I have no evidence that my newly website has virus nor given any chance to clean it myself. This is just a commercial blackmail!


Hello All,

I am unable to receive and send emails

Any idea from anyone.