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Email: server returned error "SSL error certificate has expired

When I try to check email via Gmail, using SSL, I get the above error. This on all my godaddy email accounts. I have to use  a program that doesn't check certs. This since about Friday. What happened to Godaddy's certificate? 




Did a chat with support:

"Ok. While your email plan passed my initial tests, I checked with a mail server technician and he stated that this is actually something that they are aware of. They are currently working to reestablish that. They don't have an estimated time for completion, but they are trying to have it working properly again within the hour. He also stated that this is only affecting the SSL connection and if you needed to send or receive emails now, you could either use the webmail system or use the standard connection in an email client, as opposed to the SSL connection."


Some email clients (Thunderbird) do not test the sender's SSL certificate. Those will work. I use Popfile for a sorter and it uses a Perl socket library that does check, it failed. Gmail also checks if you pull your email with SSL. They reported that the cert had expired. Should be a simple fix (said by someone who doesn't have to do it). 

I guess it is not as simple as I thought. Still fails. See the cert

Another session with chat. Waste of time, guy was useless. Still shows the cert expired last Friday. Now he says that is my client program. Why can't he just say he doesn't know?

Like all large providers, Godaddy is great until something on their end breaks. 



Community Manager

Hi @louyo

Sorry this is still an issue for you. I can confirm that this is still being worked on. However, it should only be affecting email accounts on our Asia Pacific (AP) email servers. We are working to get this fixed as soon as we can. However, I don't have a timeframe for when a fix will be in place. 

Going forward, I can suggest the following workarounds:

  1. Access your email via the webmail interface.
  2. Temporarily disabling your SSL connection: This would be the easiest next to simply using the webmail interface.
  3. Changing the region of your email plan: This will move your email plan to a different server. However, you would also have to update your domain's MX Records in this case, as well as your email client settings. 

If you'd like to try the second option, first use the steps in this article to change your plan's region:

I would suggest using US servers in this case. 

Once you change servers, you will need to update your domain to use the following MX records:

Once your DNS changes propagate (which could take several hours) your email should begin to function again. Please keep in mind that mail sent to your address during this time may be rejected if it reaches the wrong server. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Thanks for that. One wonders why they put me on that mail server in the first place? I had nothing to do with it. I will change it late one night. Godaddy does my DNS even though my domain is registered elsewhere. I have started to change that a time or too but am too lazy. I take care of DNS for several clients. 


Thanks again. 


Moved to the US server, all is well.

Thanks again.