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Email setup through GoDaddy or through Squarespace?

Hi all,


I have a newbie question- I have just finished building my site through Squarespace and want to set up my email with my domain ending. Do I have to use the email setup of Squarespace or can I use the email plan that GoDaddy offers (my preferred choice)?


Grateful for your help!


best, K 

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Full disclosure, I wasn't aware that SquareSpace offered email but now that I look they do offer 'Professional Email from Google' on some of their plans. If your preference is GoDaddy email I would just say that you answered your own question?


I assume you bought your domain through SquareSpace? Maybe you bought your domain from GoDaddy and plan to point it to a SquareSpace storefront? I'd say in either case it should be fairly straight forward to point your email to a different place than your website is pointed. Hope that helps?

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