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Email slow on android

First post in this forum.  I have my email account set up on my android device.  When I open the app and update it takes a very long time to download email.  Sometimes the phone also gets hung up opening an email.  I don't think it's the phone because my work account doesn't have this slow performance.  I thought maybe I just had too big of a mailbox but it's only 585 mb. 


Any ideas? 


Hey @Hooterman,


What sort of Android Device is it? Also what type of email account was this for? These sort of details can help other users familiar with the device better recommend what settings could help you address the issue you're having.


Also, don't hesitate to give our support team a call. Our agents are more than happy to check your account to be sure everything on this end is up and running for you as it should.

CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

We have the same problem on our Android Samsung Note 3 & 4 phones


If in a coffee shop to check my mail and can half finish it before the page refreshes and i can tap on an email.


This is not a bandwidth problem as it it’s the same on Optic Fibre Cable


It’s not a recent event but on going for over a year.


We now have over 10GB in store on your server


We have created around 100 folders and sub folders


All Mail sent to go4us goes firstly to AussieHQ who directs it to which is GoDaddy who sends it to Outlook 10 – we use pop in Outlook for all accounts – GoDady uses IMAP for all our accounts


Please help