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Email storage on iphone

Hello.  The email on my phone is taking up a lot of space (memory).  When I log into GoDaddy to this particular email account there are hundreds of them.  The issue is that ALL of these same emails are living on my iPhone.  Is there a way to not have all of them living on my iPhone?  If I need one from the past I can always hop on and go look for it.  I would like to just have the past few days to work with, the rest living on GoDaddy's servers and not on my phone.  Thank you.

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Hi @dpm68,


There is a very simple option, but maybe having your cake and eating it is not one of them...

Remove that email account from your phone and just access them by login in. Or...... buy a big memory card for your phone. I am sure there may be an option to auto delete emails at regular intervals too. Honestly the reason most folk want to hang on to ALL their emails is because they are using their email client as a file storage system (old school filing cabinet), THIS IS A VERY UNWISE PRACTICE!!, email clients can go down (......ahem!!! Cough!!), and you loose months worth of important info. With a proper rota for backing up data, you can auto delete on a regular basis and not have such a huge memory problem. Very large memory cards are very cheap nowadays though, also external hard drives.


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