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Email storage

I've had this godaddy account for many years.  A few weeks ago suddenly my email 'storage'  always 90% full.  I've emptied my sent folder, bulk mail and purged my trash - yet it stays at 90% full.

I cannot even sent timed emails (send later), it's my favorite feature because I'm told there is not enough storage space.

Has Godaddy drastically decreased their storage?  I don't see other posts about it.  But I don't know what else can be going on.




Re: Email storage

Hello @wendy1792!


Thank you for posting. That sounds like there may either be one email that's very large and is filling your box or your email address needs reviewed by our support team. Have a look at the file sizes of your recent emails to see if there's one in there that's way bigger than the others. If everything looks right there, reach out to our support team to have them review the address for any issues. 


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Re: Email storage

When your GoDaddy email gets full, is there a way to export your emails instead of deleting them to make space email?