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Emails not sending nor receiving



Ive got a bunch of domains from Godaddy and also our companies website is hosted there, we are using the included email services.

A few of our employees are frequently communicating with goverment institutions. When writing or receiving emails to/from .gov adresses, emails are usually not getting through. This way we started calling the recipients afterwards to ask if they eventually received our emails. And eventually ended up resending them the mails using private gmail accounts.


This is something we no longer can accept. We eventually got in touch with godaddys support hotline and the guys there said they would try this and try that, maybe its gonna solve the problem. Until now it didn't. And we cannot continue with "maybe". They eventually suggested us to get one of their additional email packages as this would probably solve our problems.


THis has been getting incredibly annoying, especially because we are dealing with important goverment issues.



I am not very happy about having to pay extra in order to not have problems. Besides that this was only a suggestion, we dont have any guarantee that it would be going to work out either.


So I think I have to look myself for a different provider for all online services - I dont want to have the domains from one, the hosting from another and the email service maybe from a third company.


Do you guys have any other ideas?


Helper VI

Hi @Betelgeuse, sorry to hear that 😕

Is your email being hosted from a cpanel shared hosting?

If so, that may be the case the emails are not reaching. I had a similar issue with one client, and opted to use an external smtp, because I was also told to buy an email package.


Hope it helps!


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