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Emails received w/ attachments - Copies not being sent to Gmail

Hi everyone,

I have my GoDaddy Webmail inbox configured to send copies of the emails I receive to my Gmail account.


For emails without attachments it works fine. However, when I receive emails from clients with attachments they'll arrive in my GoDaddy Webmail inbox correctly, but a copy with the attachment(s) is not being sent to my gmail account.


Here's my account config regarding how I'm having a copy sent to my Gmail account:


Any thoughts?


Appreciate your help!


Community Manager

Hi @dougiebuckets. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


That seems like an unusual situation. I was able to send an email with an attached file to a test account, and the attachments were forwarded correctly to a Gmail account. If you can provide more information about your situation, that may help identify what's going on. It would be good to know if it's a specific type of file that this is happening with. Perhaps others in the community have seen the same issue.


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