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Enabling Azure P2 through the O365 Admin Portal



I'm interested in trying out the free trial for Azure P2.  When I log into O365, go to the Admin App, Click Admin Centers, Azure Active Directory Admin Center, I see there are a few options that I have access to, but others need an Azure P1 or P2 account.


I see that if I click on "Azure Active Directory" on the left panel, I am taken to an overview screen where it states "

To see sign-in data, your organization needs Azure AD Premium P1 or P2.
So I click on the "Start a free trial", then under Azure AD Premium P2, click "Free Trial", then click "Activate" but that fails with the following error:  (note I added redacted and removed anything that I thought was identifiable information)
Am I able to utilize Azure P1 or P2 through godaddy?

Re: Enabling Azure P2 through the O365 Admin Portal

Having the same exact issue and I'm 100% positive it's a GoDaddy issue. Microsoft doesn't seem like it'll have a problem taking our money, but I'm getting stonewalled here.


Since you posted this 4 months ago, have you found a solution?